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AdaptX is a unique Adaptive Clinical Management™ solution that enables you to transform care.

Problems Solved.

How do you distinguish “improvement” from mere “change”? How do you enlist clinicians to achieve real transformation?

AdaptX's AI-driven Mission Control Center enables clinical leaders to quickly and easily leverage their real-world data. Self-serve. On-the-fly.

Using AdaptX, clinicians rapidly visualize performance, compare approaches, and ADAPT — across patients, teams, protocols, workflows, and facilities.

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Capacity. Quality. Efficiency. Equity. Cost.
This changes everything.

AdaptX empowers you to monitor, evaluate, improve, and manage treatments and workflows across patients. As a result, you can rapidly adapt care and transform results. AdaptX goes beyond superficial “reporting” and “metrics” to identify best practices, enlist clinicians, measure compliance, and manage real-world performance – enabling you to rapidly improve quality, efficiency, and equity.
Cardiac Advisor™
CarePath Advisor™
Clinic Advisor™
ED Advisor™
EMS Advisor™
Equity Advisor™
GI Advisor™
HAI Advisor™
ICU Advisor™
Inpatient Advisor™
OR Advisor™
Obstetrics Advisor™
Patient Safety Advisor™
Radiology Advisor™
Stroke Advisor™
Urgent Care Advisor™

Deploy the power of actionable insight.

AdaptX empowers you to continuously assess and manage performance across your care environment. No technical training or superusers needed.


AdaptX’s solution has been transformative for our clinicians.

“By allowing clinical leaders to monitor and evaluate care across patients, including identifying health outcome inequities, the AdaptX solution has enabled us to make demonstrated strides in quality and efficiency, improving our capacity to serve more patients.”

Dr. Jeff Ojemann
Chief Medical Officer and Senior Vice President
Seattle Children’s Hospital

Maximizing the value of your EMR investment.

Simply. Easily. Quickly.

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AdaptX is a proud member of the AWS Partner Network. AdaptX and AWS collaborate closely to maximize the security and performance of the AWS cloud for AdaptX's Mission Control Center platform.