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ED leaders reduced LWBS 50% by managing time-to-triage

With patient arrivals surging and wait times climbing, an Emergency Department (ED) team faced a daunting challenge: how could they ensure timely care for their patients?

Using AdaptX, ED leaders probed their own real-world data for workflow opportunities. In minutes, clinical leaders reassessed key time-to-triage, time-to-discharge/admission, and acuity metrics – self-serve, on-the-fly, without needing IT intervention. Specifically, ED leaders surfaced patient flow issues affecting length of stay (LOS) and left without being seen (LWBS). Quickly, they discovered and prioritized delays in time-to-triage that were impacting patients’ access to care.

Over the coming days, ED leaders proactively deployed providers earlier in their triage process. Critically, AdaptX’s Mission Control Center™ enabled ED leaders to evaluate and adapt their workflow changes each day. Instead of relying on anecdotal reports of “faster” or “slower” workflows, ED leaders easily assessed how their interventions were performing – enabling leaders not only to manage their workflows more effectively but also to enlist their frontline nurses and physicians.

Soon, the ED team measured meaningful improvement, but they didn’t just declare victory. Instead, they used AdaptX to manage rapid iterations of their new triage workflow, achieving dramatic results:time-to-triage dropped by 22 minutes, LOS fell by 40 minutes. LWBS plummeted over 50%. Patient access and satisfaction improved, while the ED team improved revenues by over $2,000,000 per year.