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Obstetrics leaders set new standard for severe hypertension treatment

An Obstetrics team wanted to ensure that every patient with severe hypertension quickly received “best practice” treatment. They worried that sometimes their patients might be receiving treatment too slowly – falling outside the 60-minute time-to-treatment standard established by the Society for Maternal-Fetal Medicine (SMFM). How could the team better assess their performance? And, if the team sometimes fell short of their time-to-treatment goals, how could they identify actionable opportunities for improvement?

Using AdaptX’s Mission Control Center™, the Obstetrics team’s nurse and physician leaders found that they were achieving their time-to-treatment target for 91% of their severe hypertension patients. Clearly, this was already a high-performing team. Still, they wondered, why couldn’t they improve their performance further?

In just minutes, the team assessed gaps in their delivery of care, using AdaptX to identify actionable risks at certain times of day and days of the week. At the same time, the team evaluated their processes down to the individual clinician level, identifying best practices they could replicate as well as opportunities to provide more support and training for members of their team. Acting on these insights, the Obstetrics team used AdaptX to manage their ongoing performance for severe hypertension treatment, and they shared their progress across their clinicians. By continuously monitoring and improving their systems, the Obstetrics team steadily improved their performance.

Within weeks, they achieved nearly 100% compliance with their time-to-treatment protocol. In fact, the team only had 1 patient receive “late” treatment over 12 months across thousands of births, establishing a new standard of excellence for treatment of severe hypertension.