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Anesthesia team cut greenhouse emissions by 90%

A hospital CEO publicly committed that his hospital would become carbon-neutral within five years – a daunting task.

Inspired by this climate pledge, the hospital’s anesthesia team used AdaptX to transform their management of inhaled anesthesia gasses. With AdaptX, anesthesiologists and CRNAs manage their anesthesia-related emissions across patients, providers, procedures, and facilities. They tracked their progress, iterated their protocols, and even eliminated some problematic gasses.

In just 90 days, the hospital’s leadership was astonished to see a 90% decrease in anesthesia-related climate emissions. For the hospital, this success meant a 40% overall reduction in the hospital’s “Scope 1” direct  greenhouse emissions, a dramatic success that the CEO could measure and communicate for the hospital’s stakeholders. Further, these improvements are saving the hospital over $180,000 per year in reduced anesthesia costs.

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