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Hospital increased surgery capacity by 150k OR Minutes without changing staffing

A hospital needed more surgical capacity – both to provide patient access and to deliver critical revenue. But, the hospital’s surgical teams were already under enormous strain. Services ran late, days ran long, and clinicians felt overstretched.

So, the hospital deployed AdaptX to empower clinical leaders to develop creative new approaches. Fortunately, AdaptX’s Mission Control Center™ makes it easy for clinicians to surface opportunities in their workflows using their own real-world data – self-serve, on-the-fly, without data science support or IT intervention.

With AdaptX, the hospital’s surgery teams were able to quickly identify best practices to optimize patient flow, for each specialty and for each clinical role. And, because all of the clinicians could see and interrogate the data for themselves, the group was able to quickly reach consensus on their go-forward plan, with buy-in from surgeons, anesthesia providers, and nurses. Working together, interdisciplinary teams implemented and managed improvements maximizing capacity while reducing late starts and finishes, with new adaptations continuously improving performance.

Within just a few months, the hospital had operationalized these best practices and generated an additional 150,000 OR Minutes of surgical capacity per year, without increasing costs! At the same time, the hospital improved on-time starts and significantly reduced after-hours finishes. With increased capacity, the hospitals’ surgery teams were able to improve access, serve more patients, increase revenue, and shorten waitlists.

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