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AdaptX collaborates with Amazon Web Services to expand Adaptive Clinical Management™ Solution for Health Equity

AI-driven technology empowers clinical leaders to leverage their own real-world data to diagnose and address disparities in patient care

SEATTLE, March 1, 2022 -- AdaptX, a clinical performance management company, today announced that it has been selected for Amazon Web Services’ (AWS) new global program supporting organizations that are developing solutions to reduce health inequities.

Through the program, AWS provides computing credits and technical expertise to select organizations around the world that want to leverage AWS to improve health outcomes and health equity in any of the following areas: 1) increasing access to health services for underserved communities; 2) addressing social determinants of health; and3) leveraging data to promote more equitable and inclusive systems of care.

AdaptX allows clinicians to use real-world data from their electronic medical records (EMRs) to quickly diagnose racial, language, and gender disparities. With AdaptX, clinical leaders can in seconds surface hidden disparities across their complex care delivery systems.Most importantly, AdaptX’s solution empowers clinicians to rapidly adapt and manage care across patients, so that they can effectively address equity issues.

 Health systems have deployed AdaptX to help advance their health equity priorities across a wide range of care environments. For example, an obstetrics team used AdaptX to identify and address racial disparities in pain management for new mothers.Similarly, a surgical team utilized AdaptX to diagnose and reduce care equity issues for non-English speakers. And, an emergency medicine team leveragedAdaptX to surface and address disparities affecting stroke care.

By selecting AdaptX, AWS is not only recognizing AdaptX’s ongoing work with health systems to advance health equity but also providing additional technical and financial support that will enable AdaptX to expand and deepen its solution. AWS’s support will accelerate the development and deployment of AdaptX’s Equity Manager™ product suite, including unique ML andAI tools enabling clinical leaders to surface equity issues across environments of care (including ED, OR, Obstetrics, IR, GI, ICU, inpatient, and clinics). With Equity Manager, clinical leaders will identify hidden racial, language, and gender disparities across treatments, workflows, and outcomes at the system, facility, team, specialty, and clinician levels – self-serve, on-the-fly. By automatically sifting signal from data noise, and by quickly identifying best practices, clinical leaders will use Equity Manager to focus critical resources where they are needed most to ensure equitable care across patient demographics.

“Clinical leaders are increasingly committed to advancing health equity, but they lack practical tools to identify equity gaps hidden in complex delivery systems or to manage equity improvement initiatives,” said Warren Ratliff, CEO of AdaptX.“Our priority is to enable clinicians to diagnose and address equity issues, and we are inspired by the clinicians who are utilizing our solution to eliminate critical racial, language, and gender disparities in care. We are grateful for AWS’s support to accelerate our work with health systems to improve equity, and we are excited to work with their team of experts on this critical priority.”

 “AWS believes individual health outcomes should not depend on socioeconomic status, race, ethnicity, or neighborhood,” said Maggie Carter, Global Lead, Social Impact atAWS. “Cloud technology can be a force multiplier when it comes to addressing the inequities in global health that have been amplified by the pandemic.Through this program, we look forward to helping AdaptX and other organizations worldwide use AWS to advance health equity and improve health outcomes.”

About AdaptX

With AdaptX's unique Adaptive Clinical Management™ solution, health systems transform clinical performance, delivering dramatically better patient care and financial results. AdaptX's AI-driven Mission Control Center empowers clinical leaders to quickly and easily leverage their real-world data to assess performance, compare approaches, and ADAPT – across patients, teams, protocols, workflows, and facilities. AdaptX is headquartered in Seattle and was founded in2016. To learn more, please visit adaptx.com.


Courtney Witter