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Surgeons doubled da Vinci® robot throughput

A Urology team needed more capacity for robotic pyeloplasty surgeries, so that their patients could access this common procedure in time to avoid loss of kidney function. Because of the complicated setup and turnover required for each case, however, the team was only able to perform one robotic pyeloplasty per surgical block.

Fortunately, AdaptX empowered the team to identify individual best practices that could dramatically improve throughput. Using AdaptX, the team quickly surfaced opportunities in the workflows of each of their surgeons, anesthesiologists, surgery techs, and nurses. And, sharing these insights across their clinicians, the group was quickly able to come to consensus on a go-forward plan. Then, the team’s clinical leaders used AdaptX’s Mission Control Center™ to manage clinical implementation, continuously assessing and adapting their workflows.

Within weeks, the team leveraged AdaptX to reduce their average operating time per case by 49 minutes, as well as improve their non-operative efficiency– freeing enough time to double their robotic pyeloplasty throughput!

Doubling robotic pyeloplasty cases per surgical block enabled the team to not only achieve their goal of providing more timely access for all patients, but also increased their revenue by $5,000,000.