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Pharmacy leaders uncovered thousands of wasted medications

As a hospital’s pharmacy struggled to keep up with demand, discouraged pharmacy leaders suspected that many of the prescriptions that their team filled were never administered to patients, wasting scarce resources. But, how big was the problem? Across millions of orders, which prescriptions, which patients, and which clinicians might be affected?

Using AdaptX, pharmacy leaders were empowered for the first time to manage these issues – self-serve, on-the-fly. In minutes, they easily identified the rate of “dispensed not administered” medications across their entire health system, uncovering thousands of wasted medication orders. More importantly, they quickly identified which dispensed medications weren’t being used and which clinicians were prescribing medications that ended up as waste. With AdaptX, they could even pinpoint which specific locations in the hospital, hours of the day, and days of the week had the highest wastage rates.

Now, pharmacy leaders are proactively working with their clinical colleagues to reduce “dispensed not administered” rates, and they are continuously monitoring and adapting their hospital’s operations to minimize waste. By leveraging their own real-world data in AdaptX, pharmacy leaders are not only reducing waste of thousands of medication doses but also saving millions of dollars in medication and personnel costs.