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Obstetrics team uncovered $2M in C-section capacity

A busy Obstetrics (OB) team struggled to meet their patients’ needs for scheduled C-sections. As capacity strained, physicians, nurses, and patients grew frustrated.

So, the OB team looked to their own data in AdaptX for creative management solutions. Fortunately, AdaptX’s Mission Control Center™ makes it easy for clinicians to ask questions about their own workflows: self-serve, on-the-fly, without needing data science support or IT intervention.

Looking across their group’s performance, the OB team was able to surface best practices to optimize patient flow. In fact, they uncovered more than 20,000 OR minutes in hidden OR capacity – representing more than $2,000,000 in potential revenue, without any change in staffing or costs. And, because their clinicians could see and interrogate the data for themselves, the group was quickly able to come to consensus on their go-forward plan across their anesthesiologists, nurses, and obstetricians.