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Clinical leaders discovered and eliminated medication inequality for Black patients in surgical care

How can a leader know if patients are receiving equal treatment within their hospital?

A leading health system used AdaptX to assess care across their patients – and to address what they found.

With AdaptX’s EquityAI™, a clinical team was able in just seconds to assess their patients’ care across procedures, teams, and facilities. To their dismay, the team found that Black patients under going their hospital’s most common surgical procedure had significantly higher rates of post-operative nausea and vomiting (PONV). Alarmingly, the team discovered that Black patients were receiving preventative intraoperative treatment for PONV far less frequently than patients of other races – an unacceptable difference in care.

Armed with this knowledge, the clinical team quickly intervened to improve care for their Black patients. Within days, the team met with leaders across anesthesia and surgery to raise awareness. At the same time, they quickly clarified their protocols to insist that every patient receive preventative antiemetic treatment unless specifically contra-indicated, and they used AdaptX’s Mission Control Center™ to monitor and manage compliance across hundreds of providers. As a result, the health system eliminated their antiemetic treatment disparity and improved the overall PONV rate of their system by 50%.