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General surgeons reduced hospital length of stay by >1 day for appendectomies

A general surgery team wanted to improve patients’ post-surgical experience for their most common emergency surgery: laparoscopic appendectomies.

So, the team used AdaptX’s self-service solution to quickly surface variability in clinical performance across their protocols and teams using AdaptX. Leveraging AdaptX’s unique AI, the team identified best practices in surgery, anesthesia, and nursing. With this real-world data from their own ORs, the team was also able to rapidly enlist their clinicians to begin making improvements.

Within weeks, the team achieved significant reductions in patient’s pain experience, with patients’ incidence of severe pain falling by 25%. With accelerated protocol review cycles, the team then continuously monitored, evaluated, and improved their approaches to treatment and workflow. Catalyzed by their ability to use AdaptX to adaptively manage care, the team reduced patients’ average hospital length of stay (LOS) following laparoscopic appendectomies by over 1 day – increasing the hospital’s bed capacity to serve more patients.