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Clinicians developed the first-ever opioid-free surgery center

Alarmed by the opioid crisis, a Chief Medical Officer asked his clinicians to reduce patient exposure to opioids.

Responding to this call to action, surgery teams used AdaptX to examine their opioid usage and outcomes. Leveraging their real-world data, the clinicians then used AdaptX to drive rapid improvements in their protocols, resulting in the first-ever opioid-free outpatient surgery center.

With this transformation, the clinicians dramatically reduced patients’ risk of becoming persistent opioid users, while also lowering risks and costs from opioid-related complications and side-effects. And, patient satisfaction scores reached an all-time high.

Building on this outpatient success, surgery leaders then turned to their higher acuity cases across their health system, Soon, more than half of their inpatient surgical cases were also successfully performed without opioids – and post-surgical hospital length of stay (LOS) plummeted.