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Analysts maximized EMR value with self-serve solution

A nationally-acclaimed analytics team struggled with a daunting backlog. Clinical leaders posed endless questions, but costly Analytics resources were limited. Although the Analytics team had invested heavily in their health system's successful EMR rollout, they couldn't leverage that investment to provide timely, actionable analyses for hundreds of service line chiefs, frontline clinicians, operations leaders, and C-Suite executives.

The Analytics team was swamped with resource intensive data mining projects and superuser-driven BI tools. As a result, they had to triage and limit clinicians' requests. Clinicians, in turn, were frustrated, as they had to rely on anecdotes and intuition to manage treatments and workflows across patients.

How could the Analytics team shift the paradigm to a scalable solution? How could Analytics leverage their EMR investments to drive quality, equity, and efficiency improvements across their health system?

The Analytics team deployed AdaptX's Mission Control Center™ as a self-service solution. This freed Analytics from endless data mining projects by enabling clinical teams to directly access the real-world data collected by their EMR. Self-serve shifted query-writing and query-answering to clinicians, freeing Analysts to focus on highest-value opportunities. Instead of supporting only a limited number of data queries for leaders, Analysts now enable limitless clinical operations projects across entire departments.

Within hours of go-live of AdaptX, clinical leaders identified variations in care and opportunities for quality, equity, and efficiency improvements. Over the next year, clinicians freed up over 200,000 OR and procedural area minutes, reduced hospital length of stay (LOS) by 33%, and reduced racial and language disparities across treatments and outcomes.