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Emergency physicians identified and addressed racial disparities in tPA administration

For years, a hospital used “Door to tPA Time” as a key quality metric for stroke care. The hospital’s ED leaders were pleased that their team’s average “Door to tPA Time” met national benchmarks, but they lacked any practical way to look beyond this aggregate measure to use real-world data to manage their stroke care operations.

With AdaptX, the ED leaders were empowered to quickly and easily leverage their own data, so that they could monitor, evaluate, and adapt their performance. Diving into stroke care operations using AdaptX’s Mission Control Center, an ED leader discovered in just minutes that some racial minorities were suffering delays in their tPA administration — an unacceptable disparity in care. Deeply concerned, this leader was also able to trace these delays in care through critical workflow metrics across the ED, from check-in, to bed, to provider, to CT-scan, to tPA administration.

In less than 30 days, the ED closed this care equity gap, ensuring that patients of all races meet the “Door to tPA Time” standards this hospital expects.

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