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Interventional cardiologists reduced mortality by 6x and hospital length of stay by 30%.

A large hospital performed hundreds of high-risk cardiology procedures each year, using FDA-approved devices. After studying recent developments in the field, a member of the interventional cardiology department decided to begin using a relatively new FDA-approved device. Over the next year, he and some of his colleagues made the switch and performed more than a hundred procedures. While this cardiologist believed that the new hardware was performing better, he had no practical way to confirm his intuition or to convince all of his cardiology colleagues to make the switch to the new device.

Within 20 minutes of his first login to AdaptX, the cardiologist was able to compare the effectiveness of the old and new device. Because AdaptX's AI does the work of sifting data signals from data noise and applying improvement science, the cardiologist was able to quickly evaluate key metrics: mortality and hospital length of stay. In just minutes, he was able to demonstrate that his new approach had reduced mortality by 6x. And, the new device had reduced patients’ length of stay after surgery by 30%. Now, the cardiologist, and all of his colleagues, are empowered to assess changes that they make to their practice, so that they can rapidly monitor, evaluate, and adapt their approaches to patient care.